Your philosophy is the window through which you see the world, the people in it and all that goes on daily. If you must grow, improve and become more effective at relationships and earning, the two common pursuits of man, it is your personal philosophy you must alter. To change, improve and get better at anything, alter your philosophy; which ties in directly to your psychology, mindset or mentality. It influences how you function at your center, the daily manifestation of your core personality.

A personal philosophy is your thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and attitudes about everything. But it is firstly your picture of you in relation to the world and other people you interact with. It influences your approach to leading your life. Your personal philosophy sums up what you value most in life. It reflects the heights we wish to achieve and provides a clear idea on how we intend to go about it. A personal philosophy will be mere wishes if you don’t mix it with the most fervent desires and beliefs that define who you are.

It will help to kick off a presentation on goalsetting with the knowledge of one’s personal philosophy. Your personal philosophy is you standing before yourself, checking to see if your life is a solid reflection of the picture of you that you are carrying about with you. So, who do you see? Who is the guy in the mirror? Yeah. How does who you think you are tally with who you are seeing in the mirror?

Topics for this course

32 Lessons

The Guy in the Mirror!

The Guy in the Mirror

Standing in Front of Your Life

The Influencer Tools

Time to Take Charge

Influencer Skills

Goalsetting Directs Effort

What is Goal Setting?

3 Helpful Categories for Setting Healthy Goals

Key Principles of Goal Setting

What is Goal-Setting Theory?

Goalsetting Models

Goalsetting is Important

Goalsetting Facts

Advantages of goalsetting

Disadvantages of Goalsetting

How Can We Best Achieve Goals We Have Set?

Goalsetting Techniques

Create Your Life Plan

Executing Your Life Plan

  • Lessons 32

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